How To Use


Sprinkle Smoking Material


Brush Off Surface


Place Flame Inlet Over Dot


Slide Excess Back Into Container




Grind your desired smoking material to the consistency of medium coffee grinds.



Open the pipe by rotating the top plate counter-clockwise until the shiny magnet appears in the flame inlet.

Firmly grasp the bottom housing and slowly continue to rotate the top plate counter-clockwise as if you were going to another bowl.

You will feel a force pushing the top plate off of the bottom assembly.  This is a built in “eject mode” were both the magnet in the top plate and the magnet in the bowl plate have a reverse polarity, thus pushing each other apart when passed over one another.  It takes a few try’s to get the feel of it but once you do it will be like second nature.



A cotton swab works well to clean the bowls and alcohol or pipe cleaning wipes work well to clean excess resins. We strongly support 420 Wipes!

IMPORTANT: Assure that BOTH mating plate surfaces are cleaned before reloading and assembly. Failure to do so may result in binding.

Take care not to bend or rough-up the edges of the Multi-Flow screen while cleaning.



Place the screen (any direction) in the bottom housing followed with the bowl plate.



Fold a clean sheet of paper in half and unfold leaving a crease similar to an open book.

While working over the creased paper, place the bottom housing in the palm of your hand and cover the (4) center vent holes with your thumb.

Proceed to loading the ground smoking material by sprinkling into the (24) peripheral bowls until level. Do not allow smoking material to enter the (4) vent holes.

Once topped off, remove any remaining smoking material from the top surface and let excess fall onto the creased paper below.

Place the top draw plate onto the pipe while centering the flame inlet over the small dimple. This dimple indicates the “start” position.

Carefully pick up the paper and allow the excess smoking material to slide down the paper crease and back into your smoking material storage container.



While holding the bottom housing in one hand, rotate the top draw plate counter clockwise to the first smoking position. You will see the smoking material through the flame inlet.

Light the pipe at the large flame inlet and draw the smoke from the small adjacent draw hole.

Unlike standard smoking pipes, it is not necessary to hold the flame over the bowl for extended periods of time as the smoking material will light and burn very quickly.

After smoking the desired amount, rotate the top draw plate in any direction to the next blank park (storable) position. It is in this position that the pipe may be safely stored or carried in your pocket or purse without worry of exposed hot embers.

After all 24 bowls are burnt, the next position will again be the shiny magnet. At this point you may repeat the process.


Disclaimer: The Dialatoke Smoking Pipe is intended for tobacco use only. The Dialatoke is NOT intended for drug or other illegal purposes. The user of this product must be of at least 18 years of age. Misuse of this product will be at the sole risk, cost and responsibility of the user. Surgeon Warning: Tobacco smoking is hazardous to health.