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Q:  Is it locked when the magnet is exposed thru the hole or when the dot is?

A:  Actually it is still locked in both of the positions.

After cleaning and loading, place the top plate onto the bottom assembly with the flame inlet (in the top plate) positioned over the indentation (the dot next to the bowls) and it will snap into place. The dot represents your start point. 

Now rotate counterclockwise and enjoy all 24 bowls. You may also rotate either way to a nearest park position as needed. After burning the 24th bowl, continue rotating counterclockwise to the next position. You will then see the magnet through the flame inlet, this is the indicator that all 24 bowls have been spent.

At this point, firmly grasp the bottom housing and slowly rotate the top plate counterclockwise as if you were going to another bowl. You will feel a force pushing the top plate off of the bottom assembly. This is a built in “eject mode” were both the magnet in the top plate and the magnet in the bowl plate have a reverse polarity thus pushing each other apart when passed over one another. It takes a few try’s to get the feel of it but once you do it will be easy as pie.



Q:  Sometimes when I try rotating the top it sticks.

A:  This is due to poor cleaning between loadings.

It is very important that the bottom surface of the top (draw) plate is clean and free of resin, especially around the flame inlet.  Also assure that the the top surfaces of the bowl plate and surrounding bearing edges are clean and free of resin.

We recommend 420 Wipes for this and a Q-Tip works great to clean out the bowls after use.

In short, Cleaning is key.



Q:  How finely should i grind my smoking material?

A:  A grind simular to medium coffee grounds works great.

Any regular grinder will produce the consistancy you need.  Avoid trying to put un-ground lumps of smoking material into the bowls as this will result in waisted smoking material and possible binding.